Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Popular CD Duplication Packaging Options

The term 'CD' or compact disc technically comes from Phillips to be precise, all the way back in 1977; they named this project the Compact Disc Project due to the success of the Compact Cassette. The interesting part here is that while Phillips were at the forefront of disc technology, having released their laser disc player which was way ahead of its competitors in terms of physical design of the CD, they lacked the experience to develop it any further. Now it’s being compulsory to everyone who wants to get projection through media to choose different packages according to field. Here are some popular packages

Digipaks are made from only the optimum materials, including full-color printing, using only non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for rich, vibrant look that is supreme. If you want a major-label-quality CD Digipak in economical price possible by only CD Duplication Scotland. They are strong and look like a million bucks and having UV coating superior finish. Digipaks last for longer number of years. Guarantee of 100% satisfaction, you would have a truly matchless Digi pak lighter and more affordable to mail.
  • Eco-wallets by CD Duplication Scotland make a stunning retail-ready package for CDs and DVDs alike.
  • Eco-Wallets come with spine or no spine according to choice.
  • Eco-Wallets are touched by perfection from only the finest materials, including full-color printing, non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is incomparable in the industry.
  • A super-shiny gloss or velvety matte finish-absolutely approach able for you now.
  • This UV coating provides a greater look but also save Eco-Wallets for 10 years.
 Jackets For pure simplicity
  • Raw affordability, nothing packs a wallop like CDs and DVDs in custom printed jackets.
  • Jackets for pure simplicity with lightest weight, they are ideal for direct mail campaigns.
  • Jackets are printed from only the superior materials, including full-color printing, non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vivacious look that is unequaled in the industry.
  • Add to all of this our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, our low price, Guaranteed 7and 3-1day turn times and you have the best CD jacket printing around.
 Mainly due to Sony's development of Digital Versatile Discs or DVDs as the world knows them, now there seems to be the keenness of the next development in optical disc storage. CD Duplication Scotland is helping people to preserve, back up and duplicate CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays to the highest possible standard. See Details


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